Kizhangu / Kathrika porichathu (v) £3.49

Choice of deep fried, battered potato or aubergine slices, served with chutneys

Banana Boli (v) £4.49

Banana boli is the one of the unavoidable snack for the people in Kerala during their tea break.
Banana slices are dipped in a batter of rice and plain flour, crispy fried. It is served with chutney.

Uzhunnu Vada (v) £3.99

Delicious golden fried lentil doughnuts, fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside

Chilly Paneer (v) £5.89

Fresh Indian cottage cheese sautéed with onion, peppers and aromatic Indian spices

Kottayam Egg Fry £5.49

Famous snack from Travancore Syrian Christian’s family’s Easter celebrations.
Batter fried boiled egg served with chutney.

Chicken Puffs £4.99

One of the most attracting snacks from the village bakeries. Tasty Chicken filling in puff
pastry served with salad and chutney

Adipoli Aadu / Kozhi £6.49

Your choice of lamb/chicken cubes cooked with onions, black pepper, ginger and green
chillies to give a spicy touch. Our father Thomman’s favourite, to go with his drinks

Mix Sea Food Platter £11.65

Mix platter of fish fillet, prawns, squid and fish cutlet.

Seasonal Fried Fish £5.79

The best available grilled seasonal fish fillet marinated with medium Kerala spices

Kidilan Konju Varuthathu £5.99

A Bakel Fort Beach memory at the shack:- Prawns marinated in a spicy paste of chillies,
onions fried and served with chutneys.

Cochin squid £5.99

Deep fried squid rings served with chutney.


Dosa is made from a mixture of soaked lentil and rice, ground together and fermented overnight.
All dosas are accompanied with sambar and chutneys.

Masala Dosa/Paper Masala Dosa (v) £7.49/7.99

This is perhaps the most famous South Indian Brahmin dish. A rice and lentil pancake with a
traditional filling of seasoned potatoes, onions and peas.

Nair Masala Dosa (v) £8.89

A rice and lentil pancake thinly spread with tangy red chutney and melted butter filled
with a mixture of spiced potatoes and onions

Mix Uthappam (v) £7.79

Uttappams are similar to dosas, and are made from lentils and rice fermented overnight.
But they are cooked on both sides and come with mixed vegetable toppings.