An authentic Kerala ‘chayakkada’s (tea shop) special high tea snacks which are freshly made and displayed in
glass cupboards for the afternoon tea break and to munch during the church or temple festive moments.
The home made chutney, lemon pickle and mango pickles are the unique accompaniments.


This crunchy, crispy snack is made from rice flour, coconut, black sesame seeds and cumin seeds are shaped
to star or flower in Seva Nazhy (traditional Kerala die vessel)


Pappadoms are dipped in a special batter of rice flour, cumin and sesame seeds and deep fried in oil to
give a special aroma.

Nenthraka Varuthathu

Banana slices seasoned with turmeric water and deep fried.


Plain, flat, thin, crispy snacks made from black gram lentils and rice and are cut in to triangular pieces.


Kayal Soup £4.79

Kayal Soup is one of the most spectacular soups made by the fishermen family of Kerala.
This soup is made of mixed seafood, flavoured with coconut milk, cumin seed, curry leaves and
crushed pepper and tempered with mustard.

Muringakah Soup (v) £3.95

Muringakah (drumstick) is well known for its medicinal quality in Ayurveda. It is prepared from drumsticks,
potato flavoured with shallots, garlic, ginger and curry leaves with special care.