The typical feast served as a three course meal starting with the soup. Followed by a neatly arranged little bowls of either non-vegetarian/vegetarian curries, side dishes, bread, and rice along the circumference in a large plate, and the dessert as a final course which is a complete all-in-one package meal that’s a favourite with Indians anywhere.

Kayal Vegetarian Sadya (v) £17.39

Kayal Special Sadya £18.49


Green Salad £1.99

Kayal Special Salad £6.49

Mango, avocado, guava, lettuce, crushed pepper dressed with lemon juice.

Vendakka Mezhukkuvaratty £6.89

Fresh okra cooked with onion, ginger, garlic and special kerala spices.

Beans Thoran £5.79

Fresh beans cooked with mustard, onion and fresh coconut.

Crab Thoran £6.89

Fresh Crabmeat stir fried with coconut, mustard seeds, onion and ginger.