Unnakkai (v) £4.99

Mashed plantain dumplings filled with coconut, raisins, and cashew nuts and served with Vanila ice cream .

Panchamrutham (v) £3.99

Panchamrutham consists of five secret ingredients and it is the divine ‘prasadam’ made for many ‘pujas’ and festive occasions.

Semiya Payasam (v) £3.69

Another conventional pudding made of vermicelli, milk, ghee and garnished with cashew nuts and sultanas.

Pineapple Kesari (v) £4.89

A traditional pudding made from semolina cooked with pineapple, butter and studded with raisins and cashew nuts topped with an ice cream.

Kulfi (v) £4.89

Delicious, smooth Indian ice-cream made with flavour of Mango/Pistachio.

Ice cream (v) £3.49

Choice of Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Strawberry. Vegan option available.

Tea/Coffee and liquors are listed in our Beverage List
(v) – for vegetarian